Midnight Garden

Re-Vamp Embroidery Kit
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The perfect little embroidery kit to transform or upcycle plain clothes and give them a mystical, witchy look. It's a really simple way to breathe new life into plain t-shirts, bags, jackets with a hint of witchiness.

Featuring mystical motifs such as flowers, leaves, stars, moon, bat, and pentagrams, this kit will help you add a personal touch to your wardrobe. You can stitch the design as it is or arrange the individual elements however you like.

Meer details

The "Midnight Garden" kit is designed for those who love to infuse their personal style with a touch of magic. The included instructions guide you through each step, making the embroidery process easy, accessible and enjoyable.

The kit includes a rich and harmonious color palette featuring deep greens, vibrant purples, earthy browns, rich burgundies, soft olive, dark blues, gentle sky blues, and shimmering gold. These have been carefully selected to complement the mystical and witchy theme of the "Midnight Garden" design.

Belangrijkste kenmerken:

*Witchy - Mystical Motifs.
*Complete Kit: Includes everything you need—no extra purchases required (except for your chosen clothing).
*Stick & Sew Outlines: Easy-to-use outlines that dissolve in water after stitching, ensuring a clean finish.
*Step-by-Step Instructions: Colourful, detailed guides make this kit perfect for both beginners and experienced embroiderers.


Finished Design Size: 9cm wide x 6cm high
Hoop Size: 10.5cm


Threads: DMC Cotton Threads

Inhoud pakket

*10.5cm Embroidery Hoop
*Selection of DMC Threads with a mystical colour palette.
*Stick and Sew Outlines
*Step-by-Step Color Instructions


I am committed to working as sustainably as possible, using recyclable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

My embroidery kits are packaged in bags made from vegetable starch. They are completely biodegardable and can be put into home or commercial composting after use.

The kit is sent to you in packaging which can either be recycle, composted or re-used.


*Keep needles and small parts out of reach of children.
*Use caution when handling sharp objects.

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