The Story So Far

Fern Green Designs is a small business, established in late 2021 in The Netherlands.

My Journey Begins

In late 2021, Fern Green Designs came to life as the culmination of a lifelong dream. The unexpected challenges posed by the COVID pandemic pushed me, like many others, to turn my aspirations into reality. It has been a remarkable learning experience, navigating every aspect of running an online business.

I chose 'Fern Green Designs' as my company name as ferns have always held a particular fascination. This probably originates from childhood days visiting Grandma's Victorian fernery - a walk-through glasshouse which, as a child, always seemed to have an air of mystery inside!

My Guiding Principles and Passions

Fern Green Designs is driven by a deep commitment to the environment. Ensuring that everything I create, sell, and package aligns with my vision of sustainability, is the core of my values. Nature has always had a profound influence on my life, having grown up in the breathtaking landscapes of the UK's Lake District. This connection with nature initially shaped my designs, reflecting the beauty and wonder found in the natural world.

But...I did always feel that there were other influences and interests that were pulling me in other directions. 

2022: Embracing New Horizons

In 2022, I embarked on a journey to explore the world of Gothic tales filled with mystery, haunted castles, hidden passages, and forgotten gardens. These stories have always held a special place in my heart.

Drawing inspiration from these stories, I set out to explore designs and products that would reflect these stories. During this time my commitment to sustainability remained, but I also recognised there was an opportunity to infuse my creations with a touch of luxury. This did not come at the expense of the planet but allowed me to strike a balance between being planet friendly and luxury.

I broadened the range of products I offered, by sourcing additional products from other small businesses. All of these products are closely aligned to my own values: handmade; kind to the planet; made using natural materials, and offer an outlet for creativity, escapism and relaxation.

2023: What Awaits You?

Fern Green Designs is an ever-evolving journey, and what lies ahead remains firmly committed to the environment and my deep-seated values. Nature continues to be a huge source of inspiration, shaping every creation, product, and package.

Moving from 2023 and beyond, new chapters will open, leading me along different paths while maintaining my dedication to the planet. My offerings, which include embroidery designs, flower and leaf art, candles, and felt animals, now not only mirror the beauty of the natural world but also reflect the realms of imagination that have kept me spellbound.

With a renewed focus on the mindful journey, relaxation, and escapism, I invite you to experience these products first-hand. Explore my website and embark on a mindful journey of your own.

Welcome to a world where nature meets creativity and imagination.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."

~RUMI~13th century poet