Our aim is to create beautiful art and craft work, whilst being kind to the environment. We've tried, as far as possible, to ensure that all our packaging can either be reused, composted or recycled.

Mailing Boxes

We use two types of boxes. To protect our framed artwork, we use boxes made from grass fibre cardboard. For all other products we use mailing boxes made from paper-based corrugated fibreboard. Both types of mailing boxes can be re-used or recycled.

Tissue Paper

The tissue paper we use is made from 30% recycled material, with the remainder from new acid-free pulp. It is FSC Certified. The design is printed with soy-based ink which doesn't leave any chemical residue and is safe to recycle. No logos are used in the design, just a pretty fern leaf, so you can re-use the tissue paper and give it a second life.


Our paper stickers are printed on acid free, FSC certified paper. The design is printed using soy-based ink, an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks. The 'sticky' part of the sticker uses a non-toxic adhesive. The stickers don't contain any animal products either. The stickers can either be composted at home or recycled.

Glassine Envelopes

All of our unframed, pressed leaf, artwork is sent to you in a glassine paper envelope. Glassine paper is made from 100% wood pulp. As glassine is air, water and grease resistant it will keep your artwork protected. Glassine paper is not wax coated - the smooth and glossy finish comes from the manufacturing process.

Cotton Rag Paper

We mount all of our pressed leaf and flower art on paper made from 100% cotton t-shirt rags. The long fibres give the paper its strength and durability. Each sheet is individually made using wooden frames. The paper has a textured finish, which is the perfect backdrop for our artwork.

Instruction Booklets

Our instruction booklets are printed on either:

'Freelife Kendo White' paper. Made from 40% post-consumer recycled material, 55% FSC pure environmentally friendly fibre, and 5% hemp fibre.

'Earth Pact Natural'. Made from 100% Bagasse - a by-product of the sugar-cane industry.

Both can be recycled and are biodegradable.