'Mystical Garden'

Embroidery Kit
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The ‘Mystical Garden’ Embroidery Kit, is inspired by the Victorian's quest for knowledge. The design is filled with small, colourful stitched motifs which represent their exploration of Spiritualism and the natural world. 

This kit is perfect for all skill levels, and offers a unique and creative way to explore the art of embroidery.

In the kit, you will find an embroidery hoop (18.5cm), embroidery thread in a beautiful range of colours, a needle, and a detailed instruction guide to help you bring the palmistry design to life.

This design can also be used on clothing! Try adding the elements to a t-shirt or a bag to really express your individuality.

More Details

My inspiration for this embroidery kit was the Victorian era's spirit of exploration, where both mystical and scientific interests thrived. Ghost stories, seances, and fortune-telling coexisted with groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Focusing on the era's fascination with Spiritualism and psychic phenomena, I chose palmistry as the design's underlying theme.

At the same time, the Victorians had a growing interest in science and the natural world, exemplified by Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species.' This led me to include leaf and flower patterns symbolizing renewal and the cycle of life.

The Victorian fascination with celestial wonders inspired the embroidery's sun, moon, and stars, reflecting their quest for knowledge in both scientific and spiritual realms.

Drawing on the era’s interest in ancient Egypt, I incorporated the Eye of Ra, as a symbol of well-being and protection.

Key Features

* Suitable for beginners.
* Kit designed & prepared by hand in The Netherlands.
* Everything you need is in the kit.
* Easy to follow instructions!
* It's portable and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere.
* Reward yourself with some time to de-stress.
* Learn skills that will help you develop creativity and express your identity.

Kit Contents

* Design printed on stick and sew fabric.
* Fabric
* Design instructions showing you how to stitch the design;
* Stitch guide showing you all the stitches you need for the design - plus many extras to learn for other designs;
* All the thread you need to complete the design
DMC embroidery thread: 100% cotton;
* Embroidery hoop (18.5 cm);
* 1 x needle.

Eco Friendly

DMC thread is OEKO-TEX certified.

All of the packaging for this kit can either be recycled, composted or re-used. Take a look at our sustainability page for more details.


Not suitable for children due to the inclusion of sharp needles and lengths of thread.

Please keep out of reach of children.

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Embroidery & Art

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All pictures are mounted on cotton rag paper, and our instruction booklets are made from combinations of recycled materials, FSC certified paper, or by-products of other processes.

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