Necromancer - Charcoal, Grey Alder and Bone Dust

Soy Wax Candle
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A hand poured pure soy wax candle. Inspired by those who summon the dead with their dark magical powers, with rituals, spells, prayers or seances, the Necromancer seeks wisdom from the dead and predicts the future.

'Necromancer', a crisp scent, opens with silver-grey alder and birchwood, before mingling with heart notes full of aromatic fourgere accords, black pepper, revitalising eucalyptus and mint. The base of this fragrance is underlain with gentle smoky woods, vetiver and fresh cut cedar, before a sheer musk completes the blend.

As it burns, the wooden wick crackles softly, giving you 35-40 hours of fragrance pleasure.

Made with the highest quality fragrance oils, it is paraben free and vegan friendly.

More Details

Each of these 200ml pure soy wax candles, has been created and hand poured in Northern Ireland by the Reading Room Candle Co.

Key Features

* 200ml
* Hand poured, pure soy wax candle.
* Wooden wick.
* Burns for approx. 35-40 hours.
* Hand made in Northern Ireland.
* Paraben free.
* Vegan friendly.

Eco Friendly

- Sent to you in environmentally friendly packaging; the candle is wrapped in compostable tissue paper and is protected in a black box, which you can reuse or recycle.
- When finished, the tin can be reused.

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